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RAM Regulators is born with the goal to become an industrial company, able to be a reference in the development of pressure reduction devices for gas feeding of internal combustion engines.


In RAM we have an integrated approach to engineering, product development and project management.

Technical office is equipped with three Solidworks 3D CAD/CAE stations, which allow RAM engineers to design and calculate the components of the regulators.

Our in-house laboratory, joint with experience and competence in advanced product design and application engineering, allow our engineers to perform most of the validation tests required by the International and European Standards and by the customers.

The strict relation between product design and assembly process is constantly monitored, to guarantee the best efficiency in production and lowest failure rate.

The careful selection of our parts suppliers and the constant statistical control of the casting and machining dimensions, guarantee the best manufacturing capability of the product.

A fully automatic test cycle guarantees the respect of the functional parameters of the regulators.
The regulator tests simulate the different working conditions in term of inlet pressure and flow rates.

A specific tool allows to evaluate eventual resonance conditions.
All test data are recorded in a file, in a way to have a complete traceability of the product.