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Company Profile

RAM Regulators is born with the goal to become an industrial company, able to be a reference in the development of pressure reduction devices for gas feeding of internal combustion engines.

RAM Regulators establishment and start up have been possible thank to the will and determination of the three RAM Consulting’s founding partners.

In this new enterprise the competence of engineers and experts, with long experience in gas pressure regulation field, has blended with the robust technical, commercial and financial structure of group leader.

The development of several OEM projects, played a decisive role in definition of:

  • product characteristics and
  • performances,
  • assembly and test processes in production,
  • product full reliability as the main target of Quality Politics.

The skills in development, manufacturing and sale of products, both in OEM and aftermarket field, make RAM Regulators the ideal partner/ supplier for every type of application and for a complete customer satisfaction.

RAM Regulators strength is the ability to support the customer in selection of the suitable product for its application, giving full availabilty to develop customized solutions.